Gently massage away stubborn cradle cap and dry skin with the Innobaby Mini Fish Scrub. Over 3,000 tiny micro-bristles gently massage and break up dry skin on your baby's scalp beneath their hair. Mini Fish includes a convenient handle that is easy to grip and can be suctioned to the side of the tub, shower wall, or any other smooth surface. Gentle and safe enough to use on newborns and young infants; 100% silicone, dishwasher safe.


To use: simply apply a small amount of your favorite shampoo or body wash, massage to create a lather, and enjoy!

Innobaby Mini Fish Scrub with Suction Cup

  • Although silicone is naturally resistant to mold, keep in a well-ventilated area or hang to dry after each use to prevent molding.  

    • Dishwasher safe or sanitize in hot boiling water (boil for 5 minutes to sterilize).
    • Shake dry after each use.